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Harsh Heatwaves Damage The Eyes. How To Keep Them Healthy and Safe

Because summer is finally upon us, people are taking measures to protect their skin from sun exposure. We all know that the sun is bad for your skin since it can cause sunburns and other conditions or diseases.

And while you will do everything to keep your skin healthy, you may be neglecting an integral part of your body, prone to injury due to excessive sun and heat exposure in the summer.

The eyes suffer during the summer due to heat and sun exposure. Harmful UV rays are bad for the eyes since they can pass through your cornea and into the eye’s retina. Overexposure leads to cataracts and photokeratitis.

Similarly, the rising temperatures increase the risk of eye allergies. Conjunctivitis is also a common condition during the summer, as are styes from bacterial infections. Warmer temperatures also mean dry eyes, which triggers irritation.

For these and more reasons, you should take active measures to prevent the harsh heatwaves of summer from hurting your eyes. The information below is a collection of detailed tips on keeping your eyes safe during summer from the experts.

Wear good sunglasses when going outdoors

One of the primary care tips for summer is wearing good sunglasses outdoors. Harmful UV rays are stronger than ever as the sun shines. Therefore, you need to protect your eyes to avoid sunburns and decrease the risk of developing cataracts.

When buying sunglasses, ensure you select ones that block out UV ways, not just any pair from a kiosk. Invest in a good pair and wear them anytime you go outside, even when it is cloudy, since UV rays pass through cloud cover too.

Wear swimming goggles

Experts insist on investing in a good pair of swimming goggles for everyone during the summer. Whether swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool, it is advisable to get a good pair of goggles. They will prevent irritants from entering the eye, especially chlorine.

If you have refractive errors, get a pair with lenses to prevent staining. Encourage your child to wear their swimming goggles by setting a good example; always wear yours.

Wear more hats

Whether you have a sunhat, baseball cap, or a fedora, summer is the ideal time to rock your hat, but only if it offers shielding against the sun on your eyes. Wear a hat that protects your face, especially the eyes. This is extra protection for your vision, especially if you spend most of the day out in the hot sun.
Improve your wardrobe with stylish but functional pieces for different occasions. Pairing hats with sunglasses is required for beach days, so do not skip!

Use eye drops

Higher temperatures mean your eyes will dry out quicker. Dry eyes trigger irritation and the sensation of something being in your eye. You may also experience redness due to dehydration and heat. Rubbing your eyes increases irritation, so please refrain.

Instead, get a prescription for eye drops or artificial tears to help you keep the eyes moist, especially if you will be outside all day. Go to your eye doctor for the best prescription and use the drops as instructed.

Avoid looking at the sky

As tempting as it may be to look up at the blue skies on a sunny day, this can be harmful. The light can irritate and even damage your eyes. Similarly, you should discourage your kids from looking up towards or directly at the sun to prevent sunburn and other conditions.

Discourage looking up towards or at the sun even when wearing eye protection to prevent irritation and discomfort. Highlight safe practices and ensure your kids understand so they can be safe even when you are not watching.

Drink more water

You will be losing a lot of fluids in the summer, so ensure you drink more water. Dehydration can affect your eyes by not producing enough tears. This can trigger dry eye symptoms leading to redness, discomfort, and irritation.

Drinking more water ensures that the eyes have enough fluid to keep them moist and free from irritation. Therefore, drink more water, and remember sugary drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and juices can dehydrate you quicker.

Avoid eye makeup

High humidity and temperatures make you sweat more. As your body releases sweat, the moisture can break down your makeup layers, making it melt through the day. Therefore, a smokey eye can quickly turn into a raccoon makeup look and may even enter the eye if you are not careful.

Therefore, it is safer to avoid eye makeup if you plan to spend the day outside. If not, keep the layers light and use a setting powder or spray to lengthen lifespan. You should also look up tips on making your makeup stay on hot summer days.

Keep your hands clean

Next, you should keep your hands clean and avoid rubbing your eyes. When you rub your eyes due to irritation, or to wipe away sweat dripping past your eyebrows, you introduce bacteria into your eye. You risk getting eye infections that can damage your eyes when this happens.

Therefore, practice not rubbing your eyes and keep your hands clean frequently. Although, it would be best to avoid eye rubbing because even if your hands are clean, it will still irritate the eyes.

Use adequate eye protection

Playing a little contact sport with friends on a summer afternoon? Well, ensure that you have the right eye protection. Anything can happen, you could take a football to the face, or someone could poke you in the eye. The same can happen with kids too.

Either way, it is best to be safe. Secure adequate eye protection and ensure your kids have good eye protection too when playing with friends. The same goes for other activities such as setting off July fireworks or participation in renovation and repair projects.

Pair these tips with a healthy diet, and you will go through the summer without eye issues.

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