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Is Summer A Good Time To Get Lasik?

If you are looking forward to your summer vacation, you do not want anything getting in the way of the sandy beach fun ahead. However, you might be wondering if it is the right time to make an appointment for your Lasik surgery. Should you avoid Lasik procedures during summer?

The short answer is no. Lasik surgery should improve your vision and give you that needed lifestyle change you have been looking forward to. There is no right or wrong time to book an appointment for the procedure. However, the sooner you have it, the better the results.

This article will debunk some reasons people think summer is not a good time to have eye surgery. Furthermore, we will also look at some of the advantages of having Lasik surgery during summer.

Reasons Why People Think Summer Is Not A Good Time For Lasik Surgery


For the longest time, people thought that the weather had a profound impact on the type of medical procedures and therapies you can undergo. One of the biggest reasons for this was misinformation and an outdated belief system.

In the good old days, people believed that the hot and humid summer weather affected proper surgical treatment and aftercare. Many people thought that it was easier to get infections during the summer.

However, with the current equipment and medical procedures, you are guaranteed Lasik surgery will run smoothly. All surgical procedures are done in a safe and sterilized environment to prevent infections and promote quick recovery.

Summer Activities

Likewise, many people are afraid that Lasik surgery will affect their summer activities. Swimming is one of the most popular activities for summer vacation. You might be worried that you will not have enough time in the pools or ocean.

Immediately after your eye surgery, doctors advise staying away from heavy lifting and swimming for about two weeks. During this time, your eyes can recover from the procedure without any strain or risk of complications. You will be back to summer activities soon.


Before, it was a massive concern for many surgeons that humidity over the summer would profoundly affect the results of your Lasik surgery. The equipment was sensitive to environmental conditions.

However, with the recent improvement in medical equipment and air conditioning when performing surgery, the surgeons can maintain a conducive and dry environment for your Lasik treatment. This ensures that your treatment goes on smoothly and improves your recovery process.

What Are The Advantages Of Lasik Surgery During Summer?

It is important to note that Lasik surgery does not demand putting your life on hold. You can work the Lasik procedure into any part of your schedule with proper time management.

However, as we previously stated, giving yourself a day or two before taking your summer vacation is always a good idea. And if you are thinking of hitting the gym, or undergoing strenuous activities, take a week or two off to enhance your recovery.

So, are there any advantages of having eye surgery before your summer vacation?

1. Easy Procedure

Get ready for easy eye surgery because the Lasik procedure takes only 10-15 minutes per eye.

In addition, the Lasik procedure is an outpatient treatment. Within a few minutes after your eye surgery, you will be back in the comfort of your house and can start planning to visit new locations.

2. Less Intense Summer Allergies

You will not have to worry about your summer allergies. Allergies can cause irritation and eye dryness. This can be exhausting for people wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Likewise, rubbing your eyes is an ideal way for bacteria to get stuck between your contact lenses or prescription glasses. This increases your risk of getting eye infections.

Though Lasik surgery does not prevent dust and pollen from getting into your eyes, it provides a more comfortable way to deal with your allergies and reduce your chances of getting an eye infection.

3. Take Part In More Summer Activities.

It is always risky going swimming with your prescription glasses. There is always a chance that they might slip off when enjoying your outdoor activities.

However, you will not have to worry about losing your glasses during outdoor activities after eye surgery. In addition, you do not have to worry about any damage to your glasses. You can finally enjoy some of the summer activities that you were too cautious about trying out before.

4. Convenience While Traveling

If you love the great outdoors and having adventures, you will have less baggage to worry about. On your trip, you must never forget your case or contact accessories like contact cases and cleaning solutions.

After your painless Lasik surgery, this should no longer be a problem. With your eyesight near perfect, all you need to worry about is your suitcase for your summer vacation. You can travel light without carrying any backup prescription glasses for your trip.

5. Save More Money

Prescription glasses can be expensive to maintain and repair. Likewise, most people require an additional pair of glasses if they lose or damage the other pair. Lasik surgery will fix that for you. The procedure will save your wallet and give you the peace of mind you require when going on your next adventure.

6. Quick Recovery

Getting Lasik surgery during the summer is also an excellent opportunity to enhance your recovery. For many people, a tight work or school schedule can prevent them from getting enough time off for recovery.

However, during the summer break, you can enjoy your holiday without missing a day of work or school while recovering from your eye surgery. You will return to your old routine without worrying about your vision in a few days.

In A Nutshell

There is no reason for you to push your Lasik surgery to after summer. With the proper treatment and care, you can enjoy your summer activities just as well. Furthermore, Lasik is an excellent way to save money on prescription vision aids.

Are you thinking of getting Lasik surgery? Our team of experts is eagerly waiting to make your vision a reality. Book an appointment with Anaheim Eye today.

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