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5 reasons why top athletes choose LASIK eye surgery

Vision is indispensable to every physical performance in the field. All professional athletes have an obligation to achieve ultimate performance in their respective sports. Since vision is essential while playing or training, vision correction ensures athletes will not have to worry about their eyes. It enables them to fully focus on performance. This explains why the majority of world top athletes choose to have LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK surgery is very fast, safe, and effective at treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Contrary to the belief that one can wear eyeglasses and contacts to manage these eye conditions, these do not work for athletes. Here is why:

  • Eyeglasses can break when athletes collide
  • They can attract dust and catch the light glare
  • Contacts can fall out and irritate your eyes

Any athlete who plays any stimulating sports like football understands the effects of the above risks. If any of the above happens, it will affect performance since it results in distractions, loss of focus, and visual challenges. None of the above risks will factor in for the athletes who have had LASIK eye surgery. Here are five benefits of LASIK surgery:


Enhanced Vision In Challenging Light

Athletes with normal vision admit to the fact that they often have challenges with keeping an eye on the ball. This gets worse as the field gets dusty and when lights change from natural to artificial. You can imagine how hard it is for athletes with myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia who rely on contacts and glasses.

That is where LASIK surgery proves its benefits. Individuals who have had this surgery report that it improves the ability of the eye to handle contrast and low lights better under different backgrounds. This enables the athlete to have enhanced vision at night and to even deal with glare from the lights at the stadium.

In turn, the athlete will have improved performance and stress-free training and playing. In the long run, it will result in a more successful career.


Improved reaction time

Contacts and glasses greatly change depth perception. This reduces your certainty on the moving ball which means you have reduced time to react swiftly. After having a LASIK procedure performed on your eyes, your depth perception will be enhanced. This means you will have improved vision and therefore swift and instant reaction. The result of this is improved performance.


Fast Recovery

Athletes have demanding schedules and routines. Any medical procedure that demands a long recovery time can be a big setback. LASIK surgery is effective in this case because of the following reasons:

  • It is performed as a day-case
  • The treatment takes only 10 minutes for both eyes
  • Most patients get a clear vision in 4 hours and this vision enhances with recovery time
  • Total recovery takes a few days and not weeks, therefore, the athletes’ training and routine will not be affected

In addition, most patients consider the surgery painless and therefore the entire procedure is very convenient and stress-free.


LASIK Eyes Stands Up To Extreme Weather Conditions And Environments

Sports take place in any weather be it dusty, muddy, windy, rainy, or sunny. This makes it extremely hard for people to wear contacts because they may not stand the test of such weather. LASIK vision remains reliable under such conditions no matter how sweaty or dusty it gets. In addition, sports gear can make it almost impossible to wear glasses and contacts. In either of the conditions, LASIK eyes will prevail.


LASIK surgery Adds a Great Touch Of Convenience To Your Athletic Life

Unlike glasses and contacts, LASIK eye surgery will enable you to have great vision. You will view objects at a very correct scale instead of objects appearing smaller or bigger. This will eliminate vision challenges and leave you fully focused on playing.

Moreover, rushing to the field without having to fumble for your glasses every time is amazing. You will also make any move without worrying about your contacts moving or falling out. Furthermore, LASIK eye surgery is cost-effective. While contacts and glasses are cheaper than the initial cost of LASIK surgery in the short term, renewing your glasses after a short time will exceed the cost of surgery.

LASIK eye surgery has compelling benefits to every athlete who wants to establish a successful and stress-free career. However, if you do not qualify as a LASIK candidate, you do not have to worry. There are several other vision correction alternatives for you. Your clinician will determine which of those procedures are suitable for your eyes and guide you through decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LASIK the most popular and widely performed eye surgery correction?

LASIK is safe, fast, effective and it results in optimum vision. It also presents fast recovery in days which makes it highly preferred than other eye correction surgeries. It is even much more suitable for athletes since they have tight schedules and routines.

Aside from LASIK, which other laser vision correction options are available for athletes?

If you have been told LASIK eye surgery is not suitable for your eyes then your alternative options include LASEK and ICL (phakic IOL surgery). This involves placing an additional lens is inside your eye.

What should I know as an athlete before having LASEK performed on my eyes?
  • The recovery period varies with different athletes depending on the kind of sports they play. Some will be able to resume immediately after surgery while some will have to wait longer
  • LASEK will certainly enhance your field performance if you have eye problems
  • LASEK laser eye surgery is not best for everyone. If it is not suitable for your eyes, there are other best alternatives for you
  • The goal of the LASIK surgery is to optimize your vision as an athlete and not to augment your vision
What should I consider when choosing LASIK clinician?
Your eyesight is the most important sense you have as an athlete. Ensure your eyecare surgeon has:
  • Ultimate training, qualification, and state of the art technology
  • Adequate experience
  • Outstanding reputation
  • Availability for your treatment

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