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1211 W La Palma Ave. Suite 201 Anaheim, CA 92801
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Why Choose Anaheim Eye for your eyecare needs?

Your eyesight is the most precious sense you possess and we, the staff and physicians at Anaheim Eye, have devoted our lives to taking care of it.

Anaheim Eye was the first multi-specialty eye clinic established in Orange County CA, and continues to lead the way with the most innovative care available. We do this by combining the world’s best technology with the most highly trained physicians.

One of the greatest differences between our practice and all the others is that all of our surgeons are Fellowship trained in their specific area of expertise.

This means that while most other Ophthalmologists complete 3 years of general ophthalmology training and then start to practice a wide range of procedures, Fellowship trained Ophthalmologists spend several more years in training and specialize in one area eye care. Becoming truly expert in that field. It is this extra training and special focus that truly distinguishes our practice from the others and allows our surgeons to provide you the best care.

Following a General Ophthalmology residency, Dr. M. Reza Neal pursued further specialty training in just LASIK and Cataract surgery at the world renowned New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. It is because of this extra training and focus in this area that he is able to provide the best care to our patients who are interested in cataract and laser vision correction.

Dr. Sean Adrean pursued Fellowship training in Retinal disease. Whereas other general ophthalmologists who currently treat retinal disease were only trained for 3 years, Dr. Adrean underwent another 2 years following this training only focusing on the treatment Retinal disease. This allows him to be the best trained doctor for treating this complex group of conditions which include floaters, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Dr. Wenjing Liu is Fellowship trained in Oculoplastics Surgery. Following her training in General Ophthalmolgy, she pursued further training solely focusing on eyelid surgery. While general plastic surgeons perform procedures on the whole body and general opthalmologists perform a myriad of eye procedures, she only performs eyelid surgeries. This is her expertise. It is this extra training and focus on just eyelid surgery that allows her to provide the best care possible.

The doctors at Anaheim Eye have spent the vast majority of their lives learning and training at the world’s best institutions and focusing on their own area of expertise to provide you and your family with the best eye care available.

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